About Us

Arbre Co.: Where Exploration Meets Expression

Welcome, fellow cosmic wanderers, to Arbre Co. (French for "tree"). We're more than just a backpack company; we're a community of dreamers and explorers united by a shared love for adventure, self-discovery, and protecting our home planet.

Born from Stardust, Inspired by Exploration

Just like you, we gaze at the night sky filled with a million unanswered questions. Where do we come from? Are we alone? What is our purpose in this vast universe? At Arbre Co., we believe that the cosmos isn't just a place to explore, but a reflection of ourselves. Each journey through space, whether literal or metaphorical, becomes a parallel journey of self-discovery.

Exploration with a Purpose: Sustainable Style & Environmental Responsibility

Our backpacks are more than just accessories; they're your companions on this cosmic quest. They carry the stories of your adventures, the dreams that fuel your exploration. But exploration doesn't have to come at the expense of our planet. That's why with every Arbre Co. purchase, we plant 10 trees in partnership with Ecologi, a non-profit on a mission to plant 50 million trees globally. Preserving our planet ensures we have a home base for all our future cosmic adventures.

Unique Designs for the Uniquely You

We believe life is too short for boring bags. That's why we offer a collection of trippy, space-inspired designs created using AI art. Stand out from the crowd with a backpack that reflects your individuality and sparks conversation. We believe in quality over quantity, so you can be sure your Arbre Co. backpack is built to withstand your journeys, wherever they may take you.

Join the Arbre Co. Community

Arbre Co. is more than a brand; it's a community of cosmic questioners. We're all connected by the invisible threads of space dust, a shared humanity under the same celestial tapestry. Share your adventures, your dreams, and your unique style with us using #ArbreCo.

Ready to Chart Your Course?

Explore our collection of unique backpacks, discover the inspiration behind each design, and join us on this extraordinary adventure of exploration, self-discovery, and making a positive impact on our planet. We're your backpack stylists, here to help you find the perfect companion for your next adventure. Don't forget, if you have any design ideas, feel free to reach out! After all, exploration thrives on collaboration.

Wear art. Plant a tree, or ten. Explore the universe with Arbre Co.